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Cuadro Flamenco Café Ziryab

We want our audiences to experience natural flamenco– nothing more, up close and unfolding on our stage, where moments of silence mix with moments of inspiration and risk-taking… a space for improvisation. Artists of distinct backgrounds come together in our cuadro to participate in this art form, which is their source of common expression.

Anya y Susana Peña

Anya and Susana Peña

Our flamenco group (cuadro) presents an intimate show that is constantly changing, with artists that rotate on a weekly and monthly basis, always willing to evolve and dedicated to presenting a distinct show every night.



Our flamenco cuadro offers audiences a traditional show. The show presents distinct styles of flamenco such as Soleá, Siguiriyas, Alegrías, Tientos, Fandangos, Tangos, Bulerías, Guajiras and Tarantos, and we always attempt to vary the composition of each show, offering singing and guitar solos as well, so as to present a distinct show every day that will satisfy audiences and allow us to continue to develop as artists.

Manolo Segura Cuadro Ziryab

Manolo Segura

Our goal is to encourage the continuous development of every part of our show, allowing for spontaneity, so that our performances grow every night and so that the audience partakes in the most natural flamenco performance possible.

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Dancers: Anya, Clara Mora…

Singer: Kei

Guitarist: Manolo “Max” Segura

And guest artists…

The artists of the Cuadro Flamenco Ziryab

Below are some of the artists that you may enjoy in the Cuadro Flamenco Ziryab. And many more are sure to surprise you:

Clara Mora

Maximiliano Rebman


Gabriel Matías

Manolo Segura


Clara Mora

Clara Mora

Clara Mora studied flamenco with el Guito, la Tati, Carmen Cortés, la Toná, Angelita Vargas, Concha Vargas, Farruquita y María del Mar Moreno, and has performed with the companies of Ramón de los Reyes, Rosario Galán, Estrella Morena, José Molina, Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana, Noche Flamenca and la Repompa de Málaga as well as in the tablao flamenco Corral de la Pacheca.

She has degrees in Dance (NYU), Anthropology (Harvard University), Scenic Arts (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos) and the Multidisciplinary Study of Flamenco (Universidad de Sevilla).

Her dancing has been described as “exquisite y varied… able to create an aura of beauty and mystery.” (Tobi Tobias, The Village Voice).

Maximiliano Rebman


Teaching experience

  • FLAMENCO TEACHER (2011-2016) Escuela de Arabesquees, Madrid.
  • INTENSIVE FLAMENCO COURSES (2016) Estudio 79, Azuqueca de Henares, Madrid.
  • FLAMENCO TEACHER (2006-2010) Spainkikaku Flamenco Academy, Osaka (Japan).
  • FLAMENCO and SPANISH CLASSICAL DANCE TEACHER (2003-2005) Escuela Mayor de Danza, Madrid.


Artistic experience

  • CASA PATAS (March 2013) Dancer performing with Inmaculada Ortega and Yeye de Cádiz.
  • LAS TABLAS (February 2012) Dancer performing with Inmaculada Ortega.
  • TEATRO DE MIRAFLORES (February 2012) Dancer with the show by Inmaculada Ortega “Un Toque de Luz”.
  • COMPAÑÍA DE JOSE HUERTAS (2009-2011) Dancer in the company of Jose Huertas, Formas Flamencas, performing in various theatres of Madrid.
  • COMPAÑÍA DE AIDA GOMEZ (2005-2012) Dancer with the company of Aida Gómez performing a leading role in the show “Carmen”.
  • COMPAÑÍA DE LA TATI (2004) Dancer in the show presented by dancer, La Tati “Madre Coraje” on tour across Holland.
  • COMPAÑÍA AROMA FLAMENCO DE INMACULADA ORTEGA (2010 – Present) Dancer in the company of Inmaculada Ortega with numerous performances across España.
  • BAILAOR IN VARIOUS TABLAOS IN MADRID (2008 – Present) Including Corral de la Morería, Torres Bermejas, Las Tablas, Café de Chinitas, Taberna Flamenca El Cortijo, El Juglar, Sala Barco and Café Ziryab.
  • COMPAÑÍA DE CLARA RAMONA (2003) Tour across China.
  • COMPAÑÍA DE MANUEL REYES (2003) Performing in shows in Japan.



Born in Germany in 1957, following her studies in philology and the publication of her book ‘Flamenco – Arte entre el ayer y el mañana’, Anya moved to Madrid in 1985 where she furthered her studies of flamenco dance which she had previously begun in Switzerland with Susana Audeout and Nina Corti.

Anja en Café Ziryab

n “Amor de Dios” she took classes with Carmen Cortés, Merche Esmeralda, El Güito, Manolete, La Tati, Inma Ortega, Manuel Reyes, el Tío Josele, as well as courses with Carmen Ledesma, Concha Vargas, Pilar Ogalla and Antonio Canales.

She organized a summer course in Cádiz with Isabel Bayón and Timo Lozano.

She also took flamenco singing classes with Talegón de Córdoba, Paco del Pozo, María Mezcle, Esperanza Fernández and Julián Rodríguez.

Since the 1980s, she has performed in tablaos and theatres across Spain (Casa Patas, Suristán), Mexico and the US with Timo Lozano and in theatres and concert halls in Germany.

In 2008 she opened el Artebar in Madrid, a venue where numerous flamenco artists began their careers and where she performed regularly with the Cuadro ‘Flamenco Intimo’.

Later, in 2015, Anya opened the Tablao Café Ziryab, where she currently performs and hosts distinct show offerings such as flamenco groups as well as singing and guitar recitals, workshops and cante peñas.

Gabriel Matías

Gabriel began his dance studies at the age of 11 in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil, under the instruction of dancer Robinson Gambarra.

He is currently completing his studies in Dance Pedagogy in the modality of flamenco at the Conservatorio Superior de Danza Maria de Ávila in Madrid.

As well as these official studies, he constantly trains with top flamenco masters such as Eva Yerbabuena, Alfonso Losa and Marco Flores. In addition to working as a choreographer and dancer in the recognized Flamenco company Del Puerto en Brasil, he has also danced with La Truco as a guest artist in diverse galas across Spain.

He won the first prize in the “Concurso Talento Flamenco de Baile 2018”, organized by Cristina Hereen foundation.

With an unstoppable trajectory across Brazil and Spain as dancer, choreographer and teacher, Gabriel Matías is sure to surprise you with his performances at Café Ziryab. Savour the power of his dance …

Manolo Segura

Born in London, England, he began studying flamenco guitar at 14 years of age and only two years later, began to perform on stages, accompanying singing and dancing.

Manolo Segura

At the age of 22 he moved to Madrid where he currently lives.

He has performed in Madrid tablaos such as Las cuevas de Nemesio, Café de Chinitas, Las Brujas, Torres Bermejas and Villa Rosa.

Manolo has performed in numerous countries including Mexico, Japan, Ecuador, Cuba, Congo, Hungary, Bahrain, etc.

He is currently a frequent guitarist in our tablao, Café Ziryab.


Keiko Ooka began studying voice, classical singing and jazz with Margot Hanson (U.S.A.) and flamenco with Talegón de Córdoba, Julián Rodríguez and Rafael Jiménez “El Falo”(Madrid).

Kei cantaora flamenca en Café Ziryab

In 1999 she performed with “Children of the Revolution” (U.S.A.) in flamenco, Rembetiko, Turkish and Balkan music and salsa. In 2001 she participated in the “Silla de Oro”(Madrid) contest and in 2002 in “Reencuentro” by Joaquín Ruiz in the Teatro Pradillo (Madrid) as a guest artist.

In 2002 she performed with the Swiss company “Flamencos en route” and in the festival “Bolzano Danza” (Italy), and in 2003, with the company “Esencia Flamenca” (Madrid). In 2006 Kei participated in the “Villa de Guadamur” contest as well as in the contest of the Peña “Fosforito” of Villa del Río (Cordoba).

She was one of the six “Mujeres del Planeta” in Colonial Norte (Madrid) where she sang flamenco, bossa nova and jazz to the piano playing of Raimundo Nieves.

She performed in the “Flamenco Íntimo” cuadro of “Artebar La Latina” in 2008, singing songs from the “old school” with guitarist David Serva for 5 years, while also collaborating with more modern groups. She currently sings in our flamenco tablao: Café Ziryab.